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When it comes to accessorizing, there is a time and a place for pretty much every accessory out there – but there is something to be said for sticking to classic, simple outfits and using accessories to highlight and accentuate your personality. Creating your own unique sense of style can take years to cultivate, so when it comes to finishing an outfit, there’s a lot of thought that goes into choosing the right pieces to suit your look.

Statement Jewelery

If you are big on statement jewelery, then chances are you already know how to make an entrance, and you are used to attention from people you meet. Big jewelery matches big personalities but it can also enhance your standing if you are usually a little on the quiet side – and what a way to change people’s perception of you.

Choose neutral color choices in your clothing to allow your statement jewelery to really stand out, and keep other accessories to a minimum.

Understated Jewelery

In contrast to statement jewelery which is often used at special occasions, understated accessorizing is an everyday look that gives you a chic and refined sense of style. A minimalist look is style that never goes out of fashion; it is classy and elegant and poised.

Choose quality pieces instead of quantity, and choose pieces that are subtle and classic in style. One necklace, a pair of earrings and a delicate bracelet speaks volumes about who you are when worn with the right ensemble.

Your jewelery will highlight and complement your outfit, so stick to classic shapes and pieces – you can never go wrong with a black dress and court shoes for an evening out.

Creating a Softer Look

If you are usually quite bold with your fashion choices and opt for a unique look, then choosing to soften your look on occasion is a great way to stand out. It’s a brave move for most and can really punctuate your personality on many levels.

Pick pieces that are simple in design in a neutral palate – for example if you usually rock a smoky eye and wear edgy forward thinking fashion accessories, then soft, smooth and simple jewelery designs can really take the edges away and soften the entire outfit.

Being Bold and Brave

If you’re big in personality, then show it with your unique sense of style! Just big pieces, bold patterns and wear accessories with abundance. Show the world that you’re loud and proud and have something to say.

Anything a little different to the norm is a great way to show off just how unique you are. Why not dazzle at your next office meeting with some quirky skeleton cufflinks, like these and some edgy earrings?

Relaxed or Elegant

For a relaxed and elegant look, choose refined clothing and accessories that highlight it. Matching the color palate is a great way of adding instant elegance. Layer your bracelets or wear draped earrings for a sophisticated addition to your outfit, or dress up a boring outfit with a long necklace or throw on a belt to break up the ensemble in a cool, relaxed way.

The important thing to remember when choosing accessories to match your personality is to wear clothes that are comfortable for you. This is especially true if you are looking to make a statement or stand out from the crowd with confidence.

Whichever way you choose to accessorize your personality, it’s easier than ever before to show the world who you are without even needing to open your mouth. In a world where image is everything, make yours count.

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