Are lab-grown diamonds a good investment?

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Investing in natural diamonds has always been thought of as a worthwhile adventure. Many would purchase a diamond using an amount that would buy three other gemstones that could just be as aesthetic. The reason is because diamonds are not only beautiful but also durable, being the hardest known substance on earth.

With lab-grown diamonds, can we still say the same thing? Would purchasing a lab-grown diamond make a worthwhile investment? You will find answers as you read further.

Why Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds?

All sentiments aside, purchasing lab-grown diamonds makes a good investment, and this is so for many reasons:


One of the forefront reasons that make lab-grown diamonds appreciated is because they are eco-friendly, bearing less environmental impact than their mined counterparts.

These diamonds are grown within labs without any interaction with the immediate environment. Notably, production energy can be sourced from renewable sources, reducing pollution and carbon emissions.


Lab-grown diamonds trim the traditional diamond supply chain at the mining level. Mining has always been a source of ethical issues for a long time counting. The sale of blood diamonds, for example, took a long time to be rectified.

In the diamond market today, about 10% of the mined diamonds sold are still unethically sourced. Some are being mined from restricted areas, smuggled across countries or stolen out right. Lab-grown diamonds cut all this stress and give you the quality that comes straight from a lab.


What else can be created more uniquely than a material you can monitor its production process? Mined products are manufactured without human influence in the earth’s crust. Therefore, we can only use them as we find them. With lab production, lab-grown manufacturers and suppliers like BIRON® Gems can source unique and rare specimens as imagination takes us. The shape, size, clarity, and colour of diamonds can be easily tweaked to tickle our fancy.


Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, and real diamonds are materials of value. Whether you perceive it that way or not, a one-carat lab-grown diamond has all the valuable qualities of a one carat mined diamond. Talk of durability, talk of radiance, talk of the classy look – you can have it all!

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds as Durable as Natural Diamonds?

Perhaps, we should emphasize more on how durable lab-grown diamonds are. A diamond is the hardest known substance on earth. Do you know that 80% of diamonds ever sourced are not used for jewellery production? Those diamonds are used industrially for cutting, drilling and grinding other substances. Do you also know that only a diamond can cut a diamond?

A lab-grown diamond has the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as a mined diamond. Hence, if you can boast of the durability of a natural diamond, you can equally beat your chest for a mined diamond!

Below are the essential qualities that all real diamonds, whether natural or lab-grown, share:

  • A Mohs scale hardness of 10
  • A 2.42 refractive index
  • A light dispersion of 0.044
  • An electron density of 3.52
  • A cubic crystal structural formation

Should you Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Seeing how durable diamonds are, it is crucial to invest in a diamond style you can always appreciate and makes your purchase worthwhile. Natural and lab-grown diamonds are graded using four basic parameters known as the 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut, and carat.

  • Colour: Most diamonds are colourless, although there are also coloured diamonds. Natural coloured diamonds are rare, but lab production will give you a diamond in any colour of your choice.
  • Clarity: A diamond’s clarity is a measure of the inclusions and blemishes it possesses. Inclusions occur naturally and are measured in grades.
  • Cut: The cut of a gemstone is a play on angles and facets to maximize dispersion of light. Properly cut diamonds have high brilliance,
  • Carat: The carat size of a diamond depends on its weight, which is also a measure of its size.

These four factors play the most significant role in determining the quality of your diamond. Thankfully, lab-grown diamonds are always on the quality side, boasting specimens with high clarity and intentionally made beautiful colours.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Like we already said, lab-grown diamonds make a worthwhile investment for their value, rarity and uniqueness. If you think you can get all of these in natural diamonds, you can obtain more in lab diamonds. All the qualities that make a diamond unique make a lab diamond a real diamond. With lab-grown diamonds, you are never settling for less.


For a long-overdue time, lab-grown diamonds have been perceived as fake, less durable, and not worth the buy. This article shows just how much a worthwhile investment purchasing a lab-grown diamond is. They are durable, valuable as mined diamonds, ethical, and eco-friendly.

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