Basic Items To Achieve The Boho Aesthetic

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We’re all familiar with the ‘Boho’ or Bohemian aesthetic. Sure, the dreamy fabrics, colorful earthy accessories, and relaxed patterns are mesmerizing, but these are not the only elements that you can incorporate in your everyday clothes. The boho-chic style is about the little touches as well.

A Bohemian Wardrobe

You don’t have to change your whole wardrobe in order to achieve a bohemian look; just a few tweaks here and there will do the trick.

    1. Chic Head-wraps and Headbands

Aim for head-wraps that either look old and vintage or ones that have flowers on them like a flower crown. After all, a bohemian look has to be in harmony with nature. You have plenty of options to go for when it comes to headbands – from bandanas to fabric flower bands to clips of all shapes and sizes.

    1. Layers

Layers are vital when it comes to achieving your bohemian look. Reason why layering is so very important is because bohemian ladies traveled with everything they owned so they would more often than not, wear everything they have.

A good bohemian layering combo would be consisted of a knitted cardigan, and a see-through loose blouse. Another form of layering could be a tight bralette under a flowing blouse, and finally top it with a loose jacket or a loose see-through.

    1. Gladiator Slides

Usually gladiator sides that end before the ankle are considered to be perfect, since they don’t take too much time to wear or take off and look great on everyone. However, that does not mean that high heel gladiators or knee-high gladiators aren’t in style, they most certainly are, and you will acquire a badass boho look.

    1. Accessories

Chunky earthy accessories make your boho look complete. With bohemian accessories, try to go for unique items. That means visiting a flea market or vintage stores to buy a chakra bracelet, or incense stores to purchase boho accessories such as those made from natural elements like coral, feathers, wood, suede, turquoise, etc.

    1. A Maxi dress/skirt

Loose fitting and flowing fabrics are key items to buy when it comes to a perfect relaxed bohemian look. Simplicity is key, so when buying a loose skirt or dress make sure it has earthy tones and a simple pattern.

    1. A Nifty Vest

One of the beauties of owning a vest is that you can match it with any dress or loose blouse that you own. Anything from denim, and fringe vest to a crocheted vest is perfect to maintain your boho look.

    1. A Hippie Chic Purse

A bohemian purse is considered to be the main item in your boho outfit that will tie all of them together. You can’t go wrong with an oversized bag or a floppy one. You can also spice your outfit up with a classic canvas messenger bag.

A Phoebe Buffay Outfit

There are so many ways for you to get inspired to create YOUR own bohemian look, take Phoebe Buffay from Friends, for instance. There isn’t a wrong bohemian look, as long as you stick with natural looking fabrics and natural tones.

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