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Threadless | T-shirts and apparel

Threadless | T-shirts and apparel
Threadless | T-shirts and apparel
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Threadless, a company that’s based in the heart of Chicago, is poised to helping art unknowns become art totally-knowns. From the company’s commission-based award system to featuring artists in interviews and tweeting their names to the world to assisting them to start their very own independent store. With this newest endeavor from the company, their customers are “Threadless” since their customers make the ideas; the customers pick what they sell as well. Threadless also support their artist community in every way possible. Lots of their artists have even gone on to start their own companies, and that’s a massive success in the company’s book. What started as a t-shirt company has since expanded into a full line-up of apparel, accessories, home decor, and now footwear canvases. Threadless seek out these canvases to give artists more ways to feature their work and for fans to choose the best art, the weird art, the geeky art, the beautiful art. So in essence, every time a customer buys from Threadless, they're supporting great art and artists behind such product.
400 N. Morgan St.
Chicago, IL 6064

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