Choosing The Right Jewelry to Wear With a Black Dress

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It is an unspoken rule that every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. They are chic, versatile and are a timeless piece. However, if you do not know what to accessorize it with, it can be pretty dull. Jewelry can bring life to that black dress that has been in your closet for a while. The best part is that these dresses can go with pretty much everything, but there are some rules that you will need to adhere to.  Below are some of the tips to follow when accessorizing your dress with jewelry.

The Occasion

Your little black dress is quite versatile, and you can wear it from the office to a casual Friday night out. The jewelry is what will make all the difference, even though the dress remains the same.

For a casual occasion, you could wear some brightly colored jewelry such as turquoise, coral or other gemstone to bring that edge to your outfit. You can also wear some bangles to make it more fun. For a casual event, you can let your imagination run wild.

You can try out vivid colors such as red, blue or yellow to bring out a daring look and ensure that you stand out from the crowd. For a formal occasion, you can choose silver or gold jewelry. They will give you a sophisticated look that you will love, while still being simple.

The Dress Neckline

The type of necklace you choose will depend on the neckline of the dress you will wear. Below are the different types of necklines and the jewelry that will go well with it.

  • For a V-neckline, you could wear necklaces with pendants on them. Ensure that the chain mirrors the v-neckline to highlight the shape of the dress. Also, ensure that the necklace is not too complicated.
  • For a square neckline, you could wear a necklace that is longer or shorter than your neckline to make it look neat. With this neckline, you can try out different jewelry styles such as a choker necklace if you are going shorter, or a rope chain necklace if you are going longer.
  • For a strapless dress, you will need your neck and shoulders to stand out, hence go for a bold necklace or something dramatic such as long earrings to give that spectacular touch. If you are decide to purchase a more expensive set diamond set, make sure you learn about the 4c’s before you buy!

Your Body Type

The body type that you have will determine the kind of jewelry that you will pair with the dress. If you are tall, you should wear longer necklaces. For petite women, they should avoid bold statement jewelry since they will make them look much larger or be perceived as such.

Smaller women can still definite wear jewelry with that wow factor but it just need to be proportionate.

The choice of jewelry you make will either make or break your outfit. It is for this reason that following the above tips will go a long way in ensuring that your black dress is ready for any event; whether it is casual or formal.

Above all, do not forget to have fun while doing it! So, what are you waiting for?

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