Form Or Function: Basic Guide To Choosing Women’s Shoes

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When it comes to dressing up, one of the most important parts of your ensemble are your shoes. Ever pay attention to movies when a character steps out of the car and the camera pans on the character’s shoes? Let’s just say, this doesn’t just happen in the movies. Wherever you go, whoever you are, there will be someone there judging you by just looking at your shoes. And it’s even worse for women.

Finding the right shoes as a woman could be very time-consuming. With all the choices and varieties of styles, colors, and heel heights to choose from, you’ll find yourself lost in a jungle. Most importantly, apart from all of these factors, there is also the dilemma of choosing the right form for your feet for the right function. That’s the tricky and risky part.

When choosing between form or function, it’s wiser to choose function. This is because of a number of things, including saving money, long-term comfort, and endurance, among other things.

Saves your money
You’ll find yourself spending too much money on buying new shoes because it’s understood that the more expensive something is, the better the quality, this is especially relevant when it comes to designer shoes for women. It’s alright to spend money on any of the women’s designer shoes that may look fascinating as long as they are functional and safe for your feet.

Treats your feet right
You don’t want to go to work with shoes that don’t suit the occasion nor you want to go with something that will damage your feet.

“You only get one set of feet in this lifetime,” says Dr. Curry. “It’s important to take care of them properly. The sacrifice of wearing the latest fad in shoe wear is not worth the health risk of permanent foot deformities with accompanying knee or hip pain.”

Acts as a double agent
A designer’s shoes will definitely please your eyes, but it wouldn’t be worth it if the shoe is not doing its job. By choosing function over form you won’t be choosing something that looks horrible just for the sake of making your feet feel flattered. Absolutely not. You will be choosing something easy on the eyes and feet too. Remember, that just because these shoes are functional, does not mean that they look poor or bad.

Does not easily or quickly age with time.
Functional shoes last longer. You don’t want to choose a good form and end up with soles or scratches that will need to be fixed every single time. Sometimes it may get worse and you will have to replace them with another pair of shoes and find yourself wasting your money on shoes that don’t last.

The right shoe for your feet will keep them healthy as well as keep your body safe from any injuries. You will feel the pair of shoes that cushions your feet comfortably supporting them and fitting well. It is also known that it’s best to shop for shoes after a long day or after exercise to find your perfect match. And in this day in age, it is not uncommon to find function friendly shoes that actually look smart and fancy.

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