From Wrist Watches to Bracelets – 6 Tips to Find Jewelry For you

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If you’re on the hunt for jewelry, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. These will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck. They’ll also ensure that you get jewelry that’ll last you a while.

Is It Real?

Markings for precious metals can easily be faked. You can snag a stamp from the store and get “Pt” plastered on. If you’re unsure of the authenticity of what you’re purchasing, you should always ask to weigh it. Platinum will always be denser than gold, so check the item in both metals. You could also check the engravings on it. Brands like Cartier are very fine with their imprints.


There are many jewelry pieces out there. They’ll all look good, but some of them will be more functional than others. A luxury timepiece would not only ooze luxury, but it would tell you the time and even come with a calendar. There are also many components to them, making them intricate– this is especially true for mechanical watches.

Defender rings exist as well. They can be used for self-defense as they come with a sharp point underneath their jewel. Some defender rings have sharp edges.

Silver or Gold?

Everyone loves gold, but the metal may not be the best. It contrasts with some gemstones. What’s more, silver is easier to take care of, so it will last longer. Gold is more expensive too. If you want your jewelry to last, platinum may be the precious metal for you.

Brand Name

If you’re buying a watch to flaunt, having a Rolex on your wrist would turn heads more than a regular wristwatch. However, regular jewelers provide quality that is just as good as their more well-known counterparts. You probably don’t know this, but you’re paying a chunk of cash just for the name you’re purchasing from.

This is the same for crystals too. Swarovski is great, but some lesser-known names are just as good.


Even if you make note of the above points, there’s no point in purchasing jewelry that doesn’t fit. They’re not one size fits all, so don’t buy them online. You may also be allergic to the metal or stones used, so you need to make note of it in person before taking the leap.


When hitting the store, you can bargain for pieces. Expert jewelers say that the best deals they’ve ever given were to people who were relentless with their bargaining. Since you’re heading to a luxury store, you may not think this is possible.

If you’re all for getting the best price, avoid telling the salesman that you know somebody “that will get it for you for cheaper”. This is the oldest trick in the book.

Final Thoughts

Buying jewelry is not easy, and there are many factors to consider. Having run through our list, you can now make a more informed purchase. Look at the brand, metal, and stones the item you’re interested in is made of. You’ll be able to get something that would last you a while. And if you want a piece that not only looks good but is functional, an automatic or mechanical timepiece is your best bet.

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