How to Tell High Quality from Low Quality Body Jewelry

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Purchasing body jewelry isn’t exactly a simple task. There are a ton of choices to make, and one question you might have early on is whether to buy cheap or expensive body jewelry. It can be pretty enticing to go with the cheaper option to save some pocket cash. Who wouldn’t want that?

But body jewelry differs from normal jewelry in a few different ways. The most notable being that body jewelry actually goes through your skin, rather than worn like traditional jewelry such as rings or pendants. This means that there is a higher chance of infection since piercings are highly sensitive. Choosing the cheaper option is a recipe for disaster. Not only are you putting your body at a higher risk of infection, but you’re likely to spend again and again just to replace it from wear and tear. High quality body jewelry will be several magnitudes better in the long run because it will be more durable, safer, and flawless aesthetically. But how can you tell high quality from low quality body jewelry? There are some telltale signs to look for, which will be discussed here. Also, if you’re looking for quality body jewelry, visit Hindged for custom gold body jewelry, whether it’s lip, nose, navel, or other piercing jewelry. Their most popular pieces are navel and septum rings, which you can check out here.

The first thing to consider is what type of metal is being used. There are manufacturers out there that opt for the cheapest process available in order to make the most money. One of those ways is through the use of plated metal. What this means is that only the exterior of a jewelry piece is plated with an authentic metal. The inside of it, however, is often some low-grade metal that doesn’t deserve to see the light of day. If the plated metal happens to peel off, what you’re left with is that rubbish metal that’ll be in constant contact with your skin. You’re better than that stuff, though.

No Filler Either, Thanks

Another sign of poor quality body jewelry is the use of fillers. A genuine metal mixed with another metal to shave off some valuable weight is not good at all. Some companies do this to save on production costs, but it also increases the risk of infection. The most common low-grade metal filler is nickel, which is known to irritate skin and many people actually have nickel allergies. Not safe at all. Avoid it at all costs.

High Quality Threading Only

Threading is another issue that shouldn’t be ignored. The difference between external and internal threading is huge, although you might not think it when looking at a piece. Now, how can you tell the difference? When looking at a piece, determine what will be pushed through the skin. If that piece has threading on it, this is super dangerous. A sharp object being pushed through your skin over and over when putting it on/off has the potential of cutting your skin and causing infection. The post of a body jewelry piece should always be round and smooth, as it is ultimately safer and more secure.

Sterilized for Wear

High quality jewelry should always be sterilized beforehand so that you can wear it without worry. The best way of doing this is with high pressure steam at high temperatures, which is more than enough to kill germs and bacteria that can easily build up. Different methods such as boiling are surefire ways of inviting bacteria to colonize on the piece.

A Mirror Finish

A mirror finish is an excellent sign of high quality body jewelry. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’ll be incredibly kind to your skin as well. Any roughness or imperfections can irritate your skin over time, causing inflammation, de-sensitizing, and other generally harmful things. This is especially important if your piercing is still healing as it can lengthen the healing time as well as cause more scar tissue. So make sure that your piece shines bright like a diamond! Or else, you’ll regret it soon enough.

Always Long-Lasting

The more you spend, the more likely your piece will stand the test of time. Cheaper materials or neglect in the general process of making a piece can result in jewelry that falls apart in a short amount of time. So look for pure metals only (gold is the finest), ensure only high quality gemstones, avoid plated or nickel-filled jewelry, and avoid wearing acrylic altogether. When inspecting a piece, it should be perfect inside and out. There should be no sharp edges, cracks, pits, or bad finishes. If there are, send the piece back to be repaired or replaced. Your safety should be always be priority.

Now, looking for these signs in real life isn’t all that easy. The most effective way is to contact the company you intend to buy from and ask them what their process of making body jewelry is like. Asking these important questions we’ve talked about are good ways of determining whether what they make is high-quality and safe to wear. You can also ask your local piercing studio whether the brand is reputable or not. And last but not least, price is a huge indicator of quality. Cheap body jewelry is incredibly enticing for a large amount of customers but not always the most knowledgeable customers.

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