Mandatory Questions To Ask Before Buying An Eternity Ring

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The diamond eternity ring is a gleaming representation of eternity, with diamonds arranged in an unending circle around the finger, representing never-ending adoration. This diamond circle has several names: eternity ring, infinity ring, diamond wedding ring, and entire diamond band.

Purchasing an eternity band is a little more challenging than purchasing an engagement ring since there are extra quality characteristics to consider.

Here are some key questions to ask to ensure you get the perfect diamond eternity ring and the proper jeweller to build it.

On which finger should I wear an eternity ring?

The simple answer is, you can use whichever finger you like! However, considering where you will carry your eternity ring can assist you to pick the mounting design.

 If you want to wear your eternity ring on your left ring finger with your engagement and wedding rings, you will want a ring design that matches those bands while also resting comfortably alongside them. 

Which eternity ring design is perfect?

There are several eternity ring styles to choose from. A pave eternity ring setting is the most prevalent, and it is most typically used for dainty eternity bands that complement an engagement ring.

A split prong eternity ring set consists of four distinct prongs that branch from the band’s base to grab each diamond. It allows more light into the setting than the pave setting, producing greater sparkle.

Shared prong eternity rings, commonly known as U-shape eternity bands, contain prongs that are shared by two diamonds and hollowed out to enable plenty of light to pass out of each diamond’s side.

Which metal is best for eternity rings?

When it refers to the metal for your eternity ring, only precious metals should be considered. Platinum and gold are the greatest options. Platinum is extremely robust, even in tiny strands, and it firmly retains stones in the set. Gold is also incredibly durable. 

Platinum is the greatest metal to choose for an essential eternity ring since it will merge in with the diamonds and keep them secure.

What should be the size of diamonds in an eternity ring?

When mounting your eternity band, select a diamond size that complements the other bands on that finger. It’s typically more useful to consider the width of the band in millimetres instead of the carat weight of each diamond. 

The smallest eternity rings will be around 1.4mm broad. A hefty eternity band will be 3mm or more in width. 

Keep in mind that the larger the diamonds in your band, the higher the band will be and the more it will irritate in between fingers.

What diamond shape is best for eternity rings?

As per the trend, a round diamond shape is an optimal shape for an eternity ring. However, you can also go with princess cut, baguette diamond, emerald cut, radiant cut eternity bands, and Ascher cut eternity bands. Keep in mind, to choose only one diamond shape so the outcome would be pretty and durable.

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