My Wife’s Enduring Love for Vahan Bracelets

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I once joked with my wife that she might need an intervention – not for anything as serious as drugs or alcohol, but for her ever-growing passion for Vahan bracelets. Over the past 15 years, she has amassed quite a collection (a term I use lightly, as I am often the one purchasing them), and her enthusiasm shows no signs of waning.

Understanding the Appeal of Vahan Bracelets

Vahan bracelets, created by the designer Sacha Calousdian, a third-generation jeweler classically trained in Paris, stand out for their unique blend of sterling silver and 14K gold, often adorned with diamonds or other precious gemstones. These bracelets, with their hundreds of designs, see new additions released every year.

Calousdian opened his first workshop in 1968 at the age of 19. His bracelets, now iconic, are known for their durability – they snap open and close while retaining their shape for decades. A signature feature is the Moire Beading on the sterling silver, resembling textured fabric, adding a distinctively French touch. The bracelets, often finished with 14K gold ends in various shapes and styles, range from open to closed bangles, and come in widths from 3mm to 22mm.

Why My Wife (and Now Daughter) Adore Them

My wife enjoys stacking three Vahan bracelets on each wrist, mixing open and closed bangles. This look has become her signature style, and she’s far surpassed the six-bracelet mark. She appreciates their timeless design, a stark contrast to other more trend-dependent pieces I’ve gifted her in the past. Now, our 30-year-old daughter has also fallen for their charm, making it a family affair.

This growing popularity among women who eagerly add new Vahan bracelets to their collections is a testament to the brand’s success. And for me, it’s a blessing in disguise. Whenever I’m uncertain about a gift, a quick glance at her Pinterest board reveals the Vahan bracelets she’s coveting – a guaranteed hit every time.

The Cost of a Vahan Bracelet

The pricing of Vahan bracelets varies. The more modest ones, perfect as starter pieces, begin at around $600. However, most of my purchases fall within the $1,300 to $3,000 range. I did once splurge on a particularly impressive diamond piece for about $5,000. She generally only wears this one for special occasions. She always gets oohs and ahhs over it.

Where to Buy Vahan Bracelets

These designer pieces are available in many upscale jewelry stores across the south and southeast U.S. My wife never misses an opportunity to browse local jewelers during our travels, but we usually buy online from a trusted family jeweler. Here’s their selection of Vahan bracelets:

In the grand scheme of things, an addiction to Vahan bracelets is fairly benign. I can’t really complain. They bring her immense joy, and I take pleasure in gifting them. In a way, I suppose I’m an enabler of her beautiful obsession.

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