Reasons Why Jewelry Is a Good Investment

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You’re probably no stranger to investment vehicles. It’s safe to assume, then, that you’ve heard that most people invest in things like gold, property, or stocks. These are the three most common investments that people have been known to favor.

Now, you’ve probably also heard the famous saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, that’s true. But it’s not only diamonds—jewelry, in general, can be their best friends, too. Pieces of jewelry can also be memory vessels, and if you take a look at this web link, you can have personalized jewelry.

If you’re someone who has exquisite taste and an eye for design, then perhaps you should look into investing in some good jewelry.

Here are some reasons why jewelry is a good investment.

1. It’s portable and easy to store

You’ve seen how jewelry looks—rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. These are all quite light and small. They’re easy to store, hide, and take around with you wherever you need to go. Plus, in comparison with collecting coins, antique vases, or the like, it’s much easier to store and preserve jewelry. Just by these reasons alone, a lot of people have chosen to invest in jewelry.

You don’t need an entire vault for it, maybe just a shelf dedicated for your pieces will do. But storing them mindlessly isn’t the best way to go. Here are ideas on you how you can properly store these investments:

  • Do an inventory – Sort all of your pieces to plan how much shelf space and security you’ll need.
  • Use appropriate containers – You can repurpose old containers or even make one of your own.
  • Group them by type – Put similar items together for convenience.

2. It can be converted to money when you need it

Jewelry pieces can be sold quicker than any other investments you may have, which means it’s very liquid. The fees connected to it can also be generally cheaper when compared with other investment vehicles. This fact is especially true for gold as it can be sold anywhere in the world.

Here are some best practices when selling your jewelry:

  1. Know your piece – Just because someone told you that you have an expensive piece doesn’t mean it’s true. Find someone who can appraise the jewelry accurately. Even if you know it’s authenticity, having someone assess it will give you an idea of the condition of your piece.
  2. Price them correctly – Set realistic prices for your jewelry by having an appraiser inspect it. It’s also good to compare your piece with those which are already in the market to give you an idea of what’s a competitive price.
  3. Know your selling options – When selling precious stone pieces, you can go two ways. You can sell to an individual buyer or to a jeweler. When you sell to an individual, you need to negotiate and market the item correctly. On the other hand, a jeweler will be able to take it off your hand quickly, but you’re probably not going to get top dollar for it.
  4. Be ready to part with it – Your jewelry has a value that money cannot buy. Especially if it’s an engagement ring or a family heirloom that you’re going to part with. No matter what the condition is, you have to be emotionally ready to let go of it.

3. It’s a timeless statement

The thing with jewelry is that if you’re not going to sell it now, then it means you can use and wear it. It’s a tangible investment that you can enjoy any time.

Moreover, jewelry is an item you can always add to your fashion ensemble. It makes you look great, and for some, it can be similar to actually wearing a piece of history.

Not to mention that your jewelry will gain value over time. If you own a gold necklace back in the day, chances are the price of gold has gone up. So if you wait long enough to sell your jewelry, you’re sure to make a good buck out of it.


Not everyone can go into jewelry investing; it requires skill and a particular eye for detail. But for someone who wants to have something good to look at but still be able to earn from it in the future, you can look into investing in quality jewelry today.

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