Top Six Tips for Jewelry Repair

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Jewelry is full of shine and shimmer when we first get it. It appears to be the most valuable thing we can ever get it life. But most jewelry doesn’t last the test of time. The condition of your engagement ring on any other jewel piece doesn’t seems to be as durable as it used to be initially. It couldn’t prevent damage from regular wear. Over time, piece of jewelry seems to be in need of repair or sometimes even replacement.

Replacing jewelry means spending considerable sum of money again. Repairing it is a better idea. Every piece of jewelry has a life cycle. Even the platinum prongs can undergo damage. Even though you can prevent the damage by consulting a reputable jeweler like Palm Springs Jewelry Company twice a year, it is less likely that your jewelry will remain the same forever.

Here are some tips for jewelry repair that may help jewelers and jewel owners.

1. Jewelry must be serviced very often
Getting your jewelry adjusted by a reputable repairer will put you on the edge. A regular check-up can keep your jewelry in order. An annual inspection with your jeweler allows him/her to look for potential problems such as worn prongs, loose stones or a thinning band. Not only you will receive a bright piece of jewelry but peace of mind knowing that your jewelry will last for another year.

2. Jewelry storage
It is imperative to figure out the best storage places for different types of jewelry. This help increase its life and limit the need to clean jewelry. For instance, silver tarnishes due to oxidation over the years. Airtight containers can be used to prevent such issue. Also make sure the jewelry containers are large enough to prevent pieces touching each other. This prevent scratches and elongates its life.

3. Say no to swimming pools
It is pretty obvious that harsh chemicals can be founded in swimming pools. It can cause serious damage to metal jewelry. Chlorine can discolor metals ruining the integrity of jewelry. Even a little dipping can deteriorate its appeal. In the first place, prevent jewelry from such water pools. If you find a damaged piece, then consult a jewelry professional to restore it back to its original form.

4. Water, soap and cloth can do wonders
There are hundreds of jewelers that claims to offer promising services. Some provide better services than others. However, sometimes it is unnecessary to consult a professional in case of damage since it can be repaired at home only. Precious metals like silver, gold and platinum can be polished with a soft cloth which can bring back it shine. If your jewelry is dirty and you want to bring back its shimmer, then just clean it using a little soap and water.

5. Diamond care
Diamonds are considered as the toughest materials on the entire planet. However, they are durable but not indestructible. It can crack or chip if hit in the right manner. Some diamonds are more prone to such damage than others. In case the diamond is chipped, it can be re-cut to a smaller size. A skilled jeweler can even set the stone so that chip is covered by one of the prongs.

6. Pearl care
Pearls can be one of the most valuable additions to a women’s jewelry box. But it is imperative to restrung pearl necklaces on regular basis. Also refrain it from hanging when not being worn. It is also important to keep in mind that pearls must not be cleaned using soap and water. Water can damage the integrity of silk.

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