Do You Need an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring?

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Choosing a unique or custom-designed engagement ring is almost as stressful as picking the perfect time and place to pop the question. It also can be an expensive endeavor. Thank goodness you only have to buy a ring once!


Well, it’s possible that you might end up buying rings all over again, this time with your soon-to-be-spouse by your side. That’s because traditionally an engagement ring is separate from a wedding ring. Often, women wear both of them at the same time, so they need to complement each other.

If you’re already sweating because your quest for the perfect ring just got more complicated, relax! We’re here to help you decide if you even need two rings, or if you can simply use the engagement ring as a two-for-one deal.

What Does Your Partner Think?

The most important thing you can do when choosing the perfect ring is to make sure it meets your partner’s expectations. You don’t want to underwhelm someone who expects a huge diamond, but you also don’t want to infuriate your partner for blowing all your savings on a ring that they think is too gaudy. You have to figure out what she wants.

The same goes for her expectations for engagement rings vs. wedding rings. If she’s very traditional, chances are she’ll want a fresh ring on her wedding day to symbolize the transition into matrimony. If you’re struggling to figure this out without asking her directly, you can consider asking her parents. What did they do? If your partner’s mother had two rings, she may have grown up expecting to get two rings as well. However, if she’s frugal, she’ll probably think it’s very silly to spend money on two rings.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a way to discuss this matter with your partner without totally ruining the element of surprise. It’s always wise to figure out if your partner even wants to get married before you go to the trouble of finding a ring and popping the question.

If necessary, you can feign innocence and say something like, “Did you know so-and-so was talking about buying wedding rings? I was so confused because I thought the engagement ring was the wedding ring. Did you know that? I don’t know if I’d do that.” See if she takes the bait and offers up an opinion! Or, just straight-up ask her: “Do you think an engagement ring can also be a wedding ring?”

Finding an Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

If she wants two rings, she’ll likely wear them at the same time, either stacked on top of each other or on two different fingers. Either way, they need to match in some way. The engagement ring will typically be the smaller or less-flashy version, and the wedding ring will be the one that truly stands out.

At the very least, make sure the bands are the same material or color and that the stones are the same style and color as well. Another option is to buy only the engagement ring and let your significant other pick out her wedding ring.

If you’re feeling a little weak in the knees about paying for two rings (and let’s not forget about your own wedding band!), be sure to explore all of your options. Pawn shops, for example, often have affordable and unique sets that can be adjusted to fit your partner’s ring size. You can get more info about buying a ring at a pawn shop by clicking here. Best of all, with a little luck you can find extraordinary vintage pieces that simply can’t be found at other jewelry stores.

Good luck with your search!

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