What Is Considered A Fine Jewelry In Orange County?

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Orange County is a region in Southern California prized for its beautiful sights and sounds. Aside from massive structures and long stretches of beaches, you can appreciate the little things in this region, particularly its fine jewelry.

But, what are the traits of fine jewelry in Orange County? Read on to find out more about this topic.

Characteristics Of Fine Jewelry
Fine jewelry, such as products from mimisjewelryinc.com , isn’t like fashion or costume jewelry.

Fashion or costume jewelry tends to have base metals with simulated stones. Some examples of fashion jewelry on the market include those made with aluminum, brass, and copper. Conversely, fine jewelry tends to have solid gold, silver, or platinum as their base metals.

It’s essential to know the characteristics of fine jewelry in Orange County to separate them from other accessories and jewels. So, here are three factors you should consider when shopping for fine jewelry in this Southern California region:

  1. Materials Used
    As mentioned above, fine jewelry tends to use different base metals than fashion or costume
    jewelry. The following is a quick list of base metals that you may find used in pieces of fine
    ● Silver
    ● Sterling silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper)
    ● Gold (e.g., white, yellow, or rose gold)
    ● Silver overlay
    ● Platinum
    ● Titanium
    Aside from the base metals, fine jewelry also tends to use the following:
    ● Diamond
    ● Sapphire
    ● Ruby
    ● Emerald
    ● Aquamarine

Some jewelers may also equip their trinkets with other gems, like jade, tanzanite, or pearls. You may also see some pieces of fine jewelry equipped with other synthetic materials as opposed to using gems. But, these different materials might be of high-quality, which can justify the high
prices of these products.

  1. Quality Of The Materials
    The fine jewelry industry is a scary place. This sector is a home to miscreants who wish to deal with fake products to gullible customers. So, it’s relatively okay to be skeptical when shopping for pieces of fine jewelry, even when you’re looking in shops in Orange County. To help mitigate the dilemma, you need to know the traits that separate high-quality materials from their low-quality counterparts. For example, gold has a dense and shiny construction. Although it’s a piece of metal, gold shouldn’t be magnetic. So, if the metal attracts a relatively strong magnet, then, the product has more compound metals than gold. But, how can you know if the fine jewelry with a gold base metal is magnetic when you’re buying online? You can solve this concern by looking at online reviews. Check if the shop has several negative
    feedback from past customers. If people don’t like the store’s products, then, consider searching for other suppliers in Orange County.
  2. Excellent Craftsmanship
    You can’t base an excellent piece of fine jewelry on its luster alone. Some materials used in the creation of these accessories don’t shine bright, even when placed under hard light. But, these trinkets still exude high-quality craftsmanship. Hence, make sure to have your eyes peeled when looking at fine jewelry in Orange County.
    You’ll know if you’re looking at genuine articles if they come from an established brand or supplier. With that in mind, make sure to check the jeweler’s credentials when buying jewelry online . Perhaps, the last thing you’d want is to receive a low-quality piece of jewelry when it arrives at your doorstep, and you already paid for the product.
    So, here’s a quick list of things to consider when checking for the craftsmanship of fine jewelry:
    Design Or Pattern Setting
    Pave settings have a repeated yet consistent pattern. For instance, if the fine jewelry you ordered has tiny beads, each bead should be identical, thereby showing consistency.
    Stone Setting
    Gems or stones in pieces of fine jewelry shouldn’t move regardless of how much human force you exert on these items. In other words, you don’t want the gemstone to move–at all. Expertly-crafted pieces of fine jewelry should have the claws bade with an equal thickness of the length of the stone, preventing the gem from moving.
    Bezel Setting The bezel wrapping the stone should feel secure. As a rule of thumb, ensure that this visual trait has an equal thickness around the gem to enable a snug fit. Choose The Right Fine Jewelry In Orange County When in Orange County, take heed in searching for the best fine jewelry in the region. Make sure to know the right characteristics before you purchase a piece of jewelry you want to own. Check for the craftsmanship, the material used, and the quality of components to help ensure you’re going to gain excellent value for your hard-earned cash.

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